Recruitment and Selection Strategies

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Recruitment and Selection Strategies: 5 Hot Tips Various steps should be taken in building a strong team; this can be achieved through the recruitment and selection process. Selecting the best candidate requires setting aside time to conduct the procedure. At least two or three individuals should be chosen as managers can be biased and pick people they like which in the process comprises vital skills that are required; this might also lead to loss of some needed, contrary views which can only be achieved through selecting people from different backgrounds to attain diversity. The hiring process has to be done in order, stuff members in top management are selected first. However, all levels of hiring should be planned for and prioritized equally. One of the methods of getting the best candidates is by using Linked In which is a social networking site that specializes in the corporate world. The platform allows managers to look for the best workers without being limited by distance. Also, job match algorithms implemented in Linked In help in matching the best candidates with the jobs positions available. Recruitment and Selection The recruitment and selection process can be a complicated. It entails how people apply and are selected for jobs. The first step is conducting a thorough analysis process to help identify all the duties that a candidate should handle; this is later indicated in the job description. Person specification outlines both academic and physical qualifications of the individual required for a particular job such as knowledge, experience, personality and physical appearance. A jobs advertisement is done and so that people with the qualifications

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