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Recruiting Student’s Name Institution Affiliated Date Abstract The paper examined the processes that must be done before, during and after the hiring process of new employees in an organization. The case study was the opening of a new office, and various positions had to be filled, not only according to the papers presented by the job applicants but also the alignment of their values to the organization’s values (Taguchi, 2002). Various positions were identified and the respective procedures, including the selection devices for the different jobs, determined. A total of five jobs were considered necessary for the successful operation of the new office. It was predicted that the positions of the office manager, supervisor, director of operations, accountant and receptionist were the most crucial for the successful functioning of the new office (Noe, 2007). The primary work of the office was assumed to be a statistical organization involving a lot of data. The primary source of information was found from the internet journals and books on recruitment and human resource management. We learned that different job titles require different selection devices and the setting up of requirements for a job offer should only be done in moderation. Introduction Following the proposal to open an office in Indiana, several positions have been created and need to fill for the continual of normal operations of the organization. The type of room had been stated in the previous meetings between the stakeholders involved. During the meeting, we agreed that the office should be up and running by January and the vacant positions be advertised in the local dailies and major

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