Recording Clients Contacts

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Recording Cases Name Institutional Affiliation Date Case I CP received a 26 years old female client from the emergency in an anxious and slightly unkempt state. The client expressed herself intelligently and explained that she is a victim of domestic abuse. Her husband beats her regularly for any slight mistake that she does and she has normalized it. Although she wants to leave the marriage, she does not have anywhere else to go because her family had already warned her against the marriage and she does not want to speak to other people about the problem (Rakovec-Felser, 2014). She agrees to talk to the hospital because she is aware of its strict confidentiality principles and therefore she feels that her secrets will be guarded. Although her intention was to stay for a single visit, she agrees to turn up for a future visit in the coming Tuesday in which she can continue to evaluate her relationship with the Husband. Case II CP received a middle-aged man who had left the hospital's alcoholism program after approximately four weeks. The client left the alcoholic program because he did not think he can be as successful as others in the group. After four sober days, he relapsed and begun drinking again. The patient has become agitated and angry and he feels that he is useless and beyond help. He is also anxious about the certainty of his job after the company that he works for retrenched a few men (Geisner, Mallett & Kilmer, 2012). Initially, the patient only wanted to make another visit after four days so that he can impress other people with his attempts to get better. The patient agrees to come back after seven days after reevaluating their ability to

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