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To Whom It May Concern This letter of recommendation is intended for Ms. Zhao Pujing who pursued her Master’s program under my supervision. Presently, she is inclined to pursue a research program on health services. I feel that she is competent to pursue her proposed research at any Institute that offers such programs in her field of interest. I am acquainted with Ms. Zhao Pujing over the past two years. I have witnessed a radical transition in her academics and research acumen over a period of time. She avidly overcame different challenges and ensured the desired level of competence for acquiring the Master's degree in Health Sciences. Ms. Zhao Pujing exhibited active and independent approach in her academics and research activities. She undertook a dissertation on “Cultures related with patient's safety”. The dissertation was conducted as a cross-sectional study. Being a Professor and an expert in this specialty I felt the dissertation work was complex and demanding. To conduct the dissertation, Ms. Zhao Pujing needed to translate a standardized questionnaire for collecting subjective responses of study participants. Although Ms. Zhao Pujing encountered various difficulties, she translated the AHRQ questionnaire to near perfection. Her perseverance and quest for perfection was implacable. The dissertation demanded an understanding of the cultural differences between Chinese and American healthcare consumers. Ms. Zhao Pujing was neither familiar with such cultural differences nor with the healthcare terms that are used in U.S. perspective. However, she exceeded my expectations in completing her dissertation. She exhibited exceptional skills in searching

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