Rear Window Quotes and Analysis

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Movie Analysis The movies adaptation, rear window and sunset boulevard represent the difficulties experienced by individuals who were used to living flamboyant lifestyles but cannot function any longer for various reasons. In The Adaptation, Kaufman struggles to write the script when hired to adapt the orchid thief to the point of asking his brother who had just learned writing for help. Similarly, Jeff, a renowned photographer in the Rear Window movie is unable to continue with his work because he has a broken leg. He can only take solace by watching the lifestyles of the people around him. The scriptwriter uses the view Jeff has on his neighbors to analyze other characters involved in the film. In Sunset Boulevard, a similar situation is seen in both Gillis and Norma’s life. Joe has not had the opportunity to write for some time, similarly, Norma, whose mental stability is shaken, believes that her star of acting can still shine if Joe offers to help in writing the script. A feeling of defeat surrounds all the movies, and although these challenges lead to the positive transformation of the characters, there is plenty of loneliness and loss of identity throughout the movies thus appealing to the emotions of the audience (Niemiec and Wedding 75). The audience experiences feelings of empathy by connecting with the emotions of the characters in the movies (Niemiec and Wedding 83). In The Adaptation movie, Kaufman is distant from the rest of the crew although the rest of the characters do not know that he is troubled. The idea of hosting his brother is troubling him. The audience is able to pick these feelings of loneliness and empathize with the character. Further, he

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