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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Reading Response From the article "The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence" written by Tim Urban, there are three essential issues he addresses about Artificial Intelligence (AI). First, the author does not want the readers to think of history in straight lines. The author means that people have imagined the future by adding years and thinking linearly instead of exponentially. People often try to predict the future by looking at the previous years instead of the current rate of change. In short, it is delicate to predict the future because the pace of things changing might be much faster than it is currently. Secondly, the author mentions that even the use of exponential growth to predict the future is distorted. It is because growth is not smooth but comes in S-curves. The rate of change sometimes is steep but at times level off just like technological growth. Thirdly, the author has challenged people not to use personal experience to predict the growth of change over time. For example, people cannot imagine the future of technologies and how to deal with it, yet current smartphones are much better than old computers, but people still manage them. I don’t agree with Urban on two issues. First, the idea that Article Intelligent Machines equal or exceed human beings in efficiency and intelligence is debatable (10). Secondly, the argument that human brain is more complex than other creatures in the world. Researchers have proven that African elephants have a much complex brain, having three times as many neurons than humans. Was the purpose of mentioning that AI can solve hard things such as calculus mean that

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