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XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZ 11 November 2016 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian- a Review Part 1 Junior, Arnold, or his real name, Sherman Alexie, does what every teen living in abject poverty does, on a Spokane Washington Reservation. He as a good head, with a surprising sense of humor in writing about the life dealt his family. Born with a series of problems that include Hydrocephalus, seizure disorder and many other ailments, he has humor. Despite all these problems, Junior deals with the crap of his sucky life with humor and wisdom. Junior paints cartoons about his families' disorganized poverty-stricken world with the eye of a disjointed painter in the genre of a twisted Indian Picasso. Junior is most painstaking when he describes the true state of his health and appearance. As one who believes humor makes the world less painful, it was quite easy to identify with the disabled version of a typical teenager growing up in the world today. Actually, the cartoons in the book were drawn by someone else, they fit quite nicely into Junior's storyline. I liked his friend Rowdy. This kid finds escape at Junior's house from the brutality of his house. These two kids become great friends because each finds both solace and protection from the meanest of school kids who love to pick on others. Rowdy protects Junior from all those who would hurt him. In fact, Junior relates a painful encounter with the Andruss triplets in which they kick him in the family jewels. "My Brain is fine, but my balls are dying” (21). Rowdy comes to the rescue by following them home. He sneaks in after they pass out from drinking, and cuts their hair and their eyebrow hair off. It is a

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