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Claim Evidence Reasoning Institution Student Course Date Introduction The claim evidence reasoning framework refers to a structure enhanced to help students to analyse and interpret data, incorporating the aspects of the claim, evidence, and reasoning. Such context gets applied when students are answering scientific questions, either by writing or orally. This framework, as established, is aimed at helping students to present their explanations more cohesively, with the incorporation of the three mentioned aspects. Claim, as one of the components in this framework, is a statement or assert that gives an answer to the original question, and scientists argue that is the most straightforward part of an explanation. Besides, the claim is open to scrutiny and criticizing. On the other hand, the evidence is used to support the claim presented before. Such evidence is obtained from the experiments and investigations carried out, as well as other sources such as observation. Lastly, students use the reasoning aspect in this claim to justify how their evidence supports the claim presented. The reasoning should be enhanced such that it sides with scientific and theoretically proven information. For students to achieve such, the teacher should support the student's construction of specific examples by incorporating some techniques to facilitate the same. Of the examples provided, scientific explanation number 4 inhibits the characteristics of the claim evidence reasoning. After claiming the first sentence of the answer, the student offers scientifically proven evidence, to support the claim concisely. Also, the student provides a well-reasoned out, scientific reasoning

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