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Read and Answer Name: Institution: Read and Answer Question 1: Ethnography is the best choice of research method for this project because it involves studying a subculture. The researcher was involved in exploring the subculture of a program known as "Opening Doors." It included making observations on adults with disabilities. The program offered classes that involved extending social, education, life skills, and recreational learning opportunities (Kolling, 2014). Question 2: The researcher gained entry into the site of study by emailing the director in charge of the program. She had discovered the program in a community education brochure. After emailing the director, they met and planned for the days that she would observe the group participating in the program. Question 3: The researcher has utilized the observation method to help her in gaining more information about the subculture being studied. However, she does not discuss her research methodology in the report. She moves from introduction and background information into findings, and finally the conclusion. Question 4: The report does not utilize a research structure that would make it more authoritative or empirical. I would suggest that the author begins her report with an abstract that gives the reader a brief insight into the purpose of the study, research methodology used, the population sample, results, findings, discussion, and a conclusion. The researcher has utilized the first person in the report. To make the research more objective, she should have used third person narrative point of view. The researcher has used inappropriate language in which she expresses her emotions. For example,

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