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Reaction Paper The initial reaction for this image is the dangerous nature of the military job. This is because the image features three military officers. Two of them are assisting the third one who is injured since his army combat uniform is blood stained. Though he is injured, he still has his firearm on his hand. However, after reading the inscribed message, the reaction change is evident. From the message, it is easy to come up with the intention that the creator had in mind before drawing the image. The message and the image are a clear indication that the creator was trying to ridicule Bruce Jenner. Bruce Jenner is a former Olympian and a television personality. He is also associated with the famous controversy where he made it public that he is a transwoman. The creator deciding to use the image of male soldiers at war can be argued to symbolize the fear that Jenner had of being a man. Though the creator decided to describe Jenner as courageous, he simply meant that he is actually a coward. From the content of the image, it can be argued that the creator of the image has a chauvinism background. The open ridiculing of the Bruce Jenner using the image is enough to portray his displeasure of the Jenner’s decision of changing her gender to the female. In the image, the creator chose male soldiers because that is what he stand for and believes in. It can also be deduced that the creator believes in male dominance and to him, males are the symbol of courage. Moreover, to the creator, a real man must be ready to withstand the manly challenges just like the male soldiers. Therefore, Jenner’s decision of changing to a female could not be tolerated by the creator

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