Reacting To Verbal And Nonverbal Messages

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On average, listening is described as the process of receiving, deciphering, interpreting and reacting to verbal and nonverbal messages. Whereas hearing is a psychological process, listening is a complex concept which is made up of affective behavioral and cognitive course of actions. In particular, affective courses are elements that stimulate a person into speaking while behavioral processes are affiliated to reacting with through oral and nonverbal response and cognitive processes describes the ability to understand and interpret what is spoken. As such, the behavior, cognitive and affective factors are some of the major factors that affect the listening capabilities or motives of an idea person. Typically, there are four major listening approaches, which are affected by the situation and the primary objective of interaction. These styles include content-oriented, time-oriented, people oriented and action-oriented. Subsequently, listening requires a person to process information, which can either take active or passive approaches. Passive listening occurs in an unconscious state, where a person listens without paying much interest or when performing other tasks. Active listening, on the other hand, involves the full conscious of a person, ensuring that they keenly understand, decode and react to the message being conveyed. Steps involved in listening include attending, comprehending, remembering, assessing and responding to the information being processed. Evidently, people react when actively or passively listening to a given message. More often than not, these listening response strategies are broadly classified as nonverbal and verbal feedback indications.

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