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Article Review Institution Student Course Date First, I wish to say that I am well acquainted with the demands of the law. However, every rule contains certain exceptions that are applied depending on the situation. For this reason, I am bound to help John all through. To start with, I will establish a good rapport with students. By so doing, I will be able to know the feeling of John about this ordeal. I will engage him on my desk and go through the class assignment. If this does not help John improve in his academics, will have to seek other alternatives to see him better than he is currently. The pleasure and joy of every teacher are to see his/her students excel both academically and socially. Thus, I will work tooth and nail to see John achieve his goal and dreams in life. When I provide my classroom with proper management, structure, and support, I believe that the students will be busy and acquire knowledge. Improving day-by-day classroom climate and systematic monitoring will boost the quality of teacher-student relationships. Peer interactions contribute towards achieving a positive behavior on the side of students and consequently better performance (Jones and Jones 2015). Any virtue and characteristic embraced by a teacher to improve the student's outcome are much recommended. There are many benefits coupled with this act. The student acquires guts to express himself without fear. This allows them to be productive in class. The students feel accepted when they can relate to others effectively (Jones and Jones 2015). Helping students in the learning facilitates them

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