Rape Myths

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Criminal Justice Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Rape Myths Myth: Sexual Assault does not occur Often Fact: This particular myth has tended to claim that sexual harassment is a rare occurrence. However, this is completely contrary to the known facts about incidences of sexual assault. Sexual harassment is said to be affecting the lives of about 60% women in the workplaces, and the figure remains the same for female students in learning institutions such as colleges and universities (Kanchan, & Krishan, 2016). In the United States, statistics have indicated that sexual assault occurs after every two minutes. Furthermore, it is also found that one in every five women will be a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime. For men, the ratio is determined to be one in every 72 men for the entire lifetime of the male population in the United States. To support the fact that sexual assault occurs more often, sexual offenses are one of the most poorly reported crimes with more than 50% of the cases being left unreported (King, 2016). Myth: Sexual Assault is committed by Strangers Fact: The myth is contrary to the reality since 75% of sexual offenses are usually committed by the person the victim knows very well. In a research conducted on juvenile sexually assaulted victims, it was found that about 94% of the victims knew their offenders. The juveniles reported that their neighbor, spouse or classmate committed the sexual offense. Amongst the adult populations, the reports indicated that a coworker, a neighbor, classmate, partner or ex-partner was involved in the defilement (Hayes, Lorenz & Bell, 2013). Psychologically, it is easier for

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