Rain man

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Rain Man Rain man is a story of an insensitive brother named Charlie Babbit and his elder brother, Raymond, whom he had not known before the death of his father. Raymond is autistic, and Charlie kidnaps him to gate a share of his father, which was in a trust to take care of Raymond. While on the road, Charlie realizes that Raymond has savant skills, he sticks to schedules, very good in mathematics, memorize baseball statistics, dinner menus, and gets upset when his routine is disturbed. Raymond increasingly frustrates Charlie, and he cannot understand his brother. He cannot understand his thought process. In fact, there is a scene in the movie where Charlie's frustrations boil up informing the brother that he is confident that there is somebody inside his head. The movie is intriguing because it does not provide questions with emotionally laced impractical answers. The movie functions properly with Raymond’s disability because it was seemingly addressing limitation, in particular, Charlie's inadequateness in loving people in his life or seeing things from their perspectives. Raymond does not change throughout the movie, he sticks to the routine even at a roadside diner, and he is adamant on the routines of dining that he was used to, much to the chagrin of his brother. At first, the new aspects presented by Raymond frustrated Charlie; however, as the world of his elder continued to grow on him, he finds that he loves him, a move that entails loving Raymond exactly as he was. A teacher has to accept and handle properly all a case as similar to the one presented by Raymond, and the story provided a

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