Radiologic technology

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Radiologic technology Introduction The use of radiology has revolutionized the field of medicine. The technology uses imaging and screening in diagnosing of patients. The technology, however, has been controversial in many quarters with on one side rooting for it while others are arguing against it. The innovation of radiological technology has been listed in many magazines as one of the greatest innovations that mankind has seen despite it raising various controversies on its application and use. Those for it base on the many countless lives that the technology has saved while those against the technology argue that technology although saves lives do more harm and good. This paper looks at both the arguments raised for and against the use of radiological technology. To begin with, it’s imperative to understand what is radiology and the methods used in radiology. Radiologic technology is a medical specialization where medical imaging is done with the aim of diagnosing and treating diseases that are seen through the body by use of the radiology technology. The people responsible for this are called radiology technologists. The imaging techniques used for radiology include, X- ray radiography, nuclear medicine that involves the use (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the use computed tomography and ultrasound (Ross, 30-33). The technologists are responsible for acquiring the images, interprets such images and makes a report to be presented to the medical expert that requested such images. The radiologists have knowledge in human anatomy, the needed patient examination techniques, and the safety of radiation, protection from radiation both for the patient and the

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