Radical Things About Jesus

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Radical Things About Jesus Student’s Name Course Date Radical Things About Jesus Many debates still exist regarding the radical nature of Jesus. Though it is not possible to argue entirely in support of this viewpoint, some proponents suggest that he was indeed radical.1 The first issue to consider is who Jesus was. He is the breathing embodiment of God and is often spoken of as a teacher with absolute authority, not like the Pharisees or the scribes. Even his twelve disciples noted how the wind and the seas obeyed his voice, and questioned how a person could possess such authority.2 On several occasions, Jesus was accused of blasphemy. Indeed, his words are argued to be blasphemous had he not be the child of the Almighty. It is argued that Jesus’s radical nature manifested itself when he criticized the Jewish traditions, broke the law or rebuked the temple leadership even though his actions were because the system was dishonest. Furthermore, though religion considers people as the enemies, Jesus is seen to incline his feelings towards sin as the enemy.Scholars such as Forde in his writing of-A More Radical Gospel- suggests that Jesus makes God the boss and his followers’ employees. Therefore, the two parties operate under contractual obligations. Furthermore, contracts have conditions, and deviating from the terms of the agreement has consequences. There is no discussion or debate, Jesus does his part, and an individual has to do his or her part. 3 Moreover, even after his arrest and trial under pretenses, he submits to the rulers of this earth and takes their prescribed form of punishment. The media continues to highlight the radical nature of Jesus

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