Racism Wealth and Power

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Wealth is defined as the abundance of material possession while political power is the ability to influence the will of people politically (Mcelwee, 2016). The two are believed to be related since observations have shown the majority of wealthy people are either in politics or tend to be more politically represented than those who are poor. Various issues influence wealthy individuals to be more politically concerned, and this incorporates their ambition to safeguard their properties. Therefore, they turn out in large numbers to campaign and vote. The other reason is that the wealthy individuals finance most of the political campaigns. Hence, elections tend to have more rich candidates vying for political positions (Mcelwee, 2016). Consequently, most of the wealthy people in the United States are of the White race given their historical advantages compared to other races that were discriminated. This means that the representation of white individuals is more than that of colored individuals, thus, making the white race more powerful than other races in political affairs. Even though the issue of discrimination in the justice system is controversial and denied, there is overwhelmed cases of racism where some races are perceived to be criminals and are mostly targeted. For instance, African- American are believed to be targeted when arrests on drug crimes are being made yet white individuals are also involved in drug crimes at the same rate (Mcelwee, 2016). Insisting on ethical practices to ensure there is no discrimination and bias in public institutions. Contrarily, the Supreme Court made a decision in 1896 in a case where a black person had been accused of breaking the

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