racism in our society

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Name Instructor Course Date Racism in Our Society Bullard, Robert. "Confronting Environmental Racism." Racism and Public Policy. Durban: United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, 2001. 1-27. Bullard article offers a profound assessment of the issue of racism within and without our societies. He intertwines racism with environmental justice and especially as regards the low economic class of people and minority groups. In the assessment, he realizes that the major cause of racism is primarily color and individual or group perception of superiority. This happens in all places in the US ranging from the transportation sector, the public institutions, government offices, and is revealed in politics. The paper addresses the consequences of racism that ranges from a disproportionate share of the environmental resources, unequal economic growth, and segregation of given regions in wealth distribution and adverse policies meant to dominate the minority groups. One revelation made is the environmental and health risk burden that the low-income and minority groups in the US endure than their white counterparts. Bullard is candid and subjective in suggesting alternative methods that can aid in countering racism. I agree with the method he suggested to end racism. The first is the formation of common policies regardless of the region or ethnic group. The second is making an equal social and environmental justice framework. This would enhance procedural, social and geographic equity among all citizens. The other is eliminating economic blackmail, residential apartheid, radicalized land use and equal property ownership. This can only be realized if the

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