Racial Stereotyping

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Name Instructor Course Date Racial Stereotyping Globalization has reduced the world into a global village. Cross-cultural interaction has been enhanced due to advanced technology in the transport and communication sectors of the world economy. The period required to traverse from one location to the next is significantly reducing as each day passes due technological revolutions’ influence on global interaction. Globalization has hugely impacted how people live in the society; each person has been accorded the opportunity to conduct business and socially relate with individuals from any global community. Even though the impact of globalization on cultural interaction has positive impacts; it is not uncommon to have several negative effects like cultural conflicts. The paper discusses the cultural conflict with a specific focus on racial stereotyping as a cultural conflict. The paper aims to determine how racial stereotyping affects the social lives of individuals, people’s emotions, and their interaction with various cultural environments. A brief description of a personal experience with racial stereotyping as a co-cultural difference that can lead to conflict is also included. The paper has utilized various scholarly articles highlighting co-cultural differences to describe the various co-cultural groups, norms, and values that are in conflict. Almost each person who has experienced the effects of globalization has an experience of racial stereotyping that affected either their social lives, emotions, or their interaction with several cultural environments. After a business trip to a Muslim country, a woman described her experience as not exciting. The

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