Racial Segregation

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Many cities happen to be locations for of cultural and social diversity, assorted businesses, leisure, and conviviality. However, the diversities are not equal. This depends on the state the city is, the locality, governmental policies and even demographics. Further, how best one finds pleasure in the towns depends on factors like wealth, personality, attitude and perceptions. The nature of the encounter between the dwellers and visitors further determines if one was satisfied enough ever to get back. This paper studies three cities to examine how different features, resources, and qualities of cities enhance or limit opportunities. Traveling in a bus in the UK establishes scenes for creating relations, observing the environment, adopting codes of conduct and appreciating different cultural habits. According to Wilson, one is engaged in all sorts of conversations and encounters. It is one’s personality that determines if they enjoy a ride or not. Assuming an aggressive approach will only cause commotion between oneself and other passengers. As a result, one is forced to develop tolerance. I agree with the author that the bus rides links individuals between different ethnic origins and character. However, there are times that private practices may override the public concerns like one’s attitudes, tribe or opinions in certain topics of discussion. The people’s reaction to such determines whether an individual would travel on the same bus again. Besides the poor content of subjugation, class conflicts, public embarrassments, and cultural sentiments, one learns the basic essence of politeness, respect, and public relations. Brazil is a state where race, gender, and

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