Racial Segregation in the United States and South Africa

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The concept of racism is not strange in great nations like South Africa and the United States. These two nations share perennial civil right struggles that were aimed at ending racial segregation. For instance, in South Africa from 1949 to early 1990, the African community struggled to gain their civil rights and democratic freedom (BBC News, 1). On the other hand, since the end of the civil war, the African Americans have been fighting to end racial segregation through forming civil movement groups like the NAACP, SCLC, SNCC, CORE, and the Black Panther Party (Futse, 1). Even though both in South Africa and the United States the concept of racial segregation was terminated legally through various constitutional changes but cases of institutional racial discrimination is still present in these countries (Futse, 1). Consequently, the similarity of institutional racial segregation experienced both in the United States and South Africa incorporates: Firstly, the incarceration rate of black males in South Africa is currently at 851 per every 10000 men (Futse, 1). Alternatively, During the Bush administration, the imprisonment of African American males was at 4848 in every 10000 males. Secondly, the rate of residential racial segregation is still high in these two countries (Futse, 1). For example, the richest individuals in these two countries are mostly white individuals who live in gated communities. Additionally, the middle class has a high composition of white individuals while the low-class citizens are entirely occupied by black people who live in ghetto areas (BBC News, 1). Thirdly, the rate of interracial marriages is currently low in these two nations. For example,

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