Racial Inequality revised

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Introduction In the 19th century, white southerners systematically reduced back most of the rights and freedom enjoyed by the African-Americans because of the blacks' softness. In fact, the African-Americans were victims of their own making. As equal members of society, they failed to question the discriminative laws formulated by the whites. This paper aims at delving into the key issues that made the white southerners easily pass such laws. For instance, lack of a neutrality position by the independent organs. The media and the Judiciary's failure to advocating for social equity were seen to be the major reasons. Furthermore, the Whiteman's syndrome also attributed to an easier passage of the laws. It was only the whites perceived to be culpable of occupying a power vacuum. In subsequent, the African-Americans magnanimously failed to establish best strategies for their fight to obtaining freedom. This paper also highlights the relationship that existed between the blacks and the whites during the Jim Crow's era. To some extent, how bad was the relationship? In respect to living in the same society, were such assumptions really worth it? Subsequently, this should neither justify a white-man’s authoritative regime nor encourage the blacks to be what is referred to as the "sleeping giants." Analysis of How White Southerners Reduced Back the Rights of African-Americans Between 1880 and 1920s, the US had discriminative laws that, would have been thwarted if, a collective effort from the black leaders had ensued. According to Booker Washington (Course Reader 12), initially, the blacks were in disguise of a Whiteman’ superiority. However, piece by piece, the

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