Racial And Ethnic Stereotyping

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Media normally plays a critical role in shaping the way that people acknowledge race and ethnicity by creating meaning about ethnicity and race. In various instances, certain products are advertised differently to particular ethnic or racial groups. The media normally portrays certain ethnicities and races as lower class individuals, especially in mainstream American media. In movies, the people of color are normally cast in various roles such as gangsters, maids or even terrorists. In most cases, the media creates perceptions that may not be the reality (Feinman and Samuels 506). Various countries experience racial and ethnic stereotyping in media in different magnitudes. For instance, the media in the United States and that of Canada have similarities and differences as far as racial and ethnic stereotyping is concerned. As much as both media in Canada and the United States involves in stereotyping, some differences exist. Ethnic conflicts exist in Canada but are generally more subdued compared to the United States. In Canada there is the French-English controversy while in The United States; there exist the Spanish-English controversy. The Canadian ethnic Ideology has been more pluralistic than that of the United States. How the media in Canada and that of the United States compares answer the question why Canada has a higher rate of immigration than that of the United States (Uhríková n.p). Racism continues to exist in both United States and Canada despite various policies of tolerance and multiculturalism. The media has had an active role in both nations in perpetuating racism in both countries through negative stereotypes. In both countries, minorities are still

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