Race and America’s Incarceration System

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Your name Teacher’s name Class Date Rhetorical Prospectus Sheet Thesis Through the excessive and unnecessary criminalization of some offenses, today the US uses a highly discriminative and stratified incarceration system to advance racial oppression, especially against the black population. Aim The goal of writing this paper is to demonstrate how the United States incarceration system operates discriminatorily against the minority. Using statistical and literary review, the study will indicate how the fight against drug abuse contributes to racially discriminative incarceration. There is mass prejudice against the minority and crime and the in particular black population. This report will illuminate the social-economic, political and structural factors that predispose the black people to an unfair judicial system to the reader and thus explain their large numbers in correctional facilities. By doing this, the paper also aims to help detention facilities incorporate correctional value to the current purely punitive system. Audience This article is relevant to every person who has interests in uncovering the underlying structural factors in the US Justice System that are racially discriminative. This is especially important for any individual who has the genuine concern about the disproportionate racial presentation in the detention facilities. It is especially relevant to policymakers who are liable to ensuring a fair trial and equal rights to every American citizen. It is also important to people who work with the incarceration system such as judges, lawyers, the police force and social workers. Persona The author of this paper represents themselves as an educator

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