Questions to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

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Question 1 The cause of controversy that is responsible for the discussion is the issue The message that the writer or speaker wants you to accept is the conclusion Explanations or rationales for why we should believe a particular conclusion are called value assumptions The existence of multiple possible meanings of a word or phrase is ambiguity A taken-for-granted belief about the relative desirability of certain competing values is significant omitted information A reasoning trick that an author might use to persuade you to accept his conclusion is a fallacy Specific information that is used by a communicator to back up his claim is evidence A plausible alternative explanation that can explain why a certain outcome has occurred is a rival cause Evidence expressed in numbers that is used to support an argument is statistics Information that shapes reasoning in an argument is reasons Question 2 Critical thinking Question 3 Fallacies Question 4 Glittering generalities Question 5 True Question 6 True Question 7 True Question 8 Wishful thinking Question 9 Emotionally charged Question 10 Ad populum Question 11 Slippery slope fallacy Question 12 Perfect solution fallacy Question 13 False dilemma Question 14 True Question 15 Statistics Question 16 Deduction Question 17 True Question 18 True Question 19 True Question 20 False Question 21 If clauses Question 22 Dichotomous thinking Question 23: Critical Analysis of U.S. As World Policeman On the issue of world security, the conclusion of the author in the article U.S. As World Police is that the United States is justified in intervening as the world policeman. This is due to prevailing circumstances and the military capacity of

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