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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Q2 Should universities and colleges impose physical education requirement? I support the idea that universities should implement physical education needs. The reason is to benefit from the importance of this physical education exercises that assists in sustaining health by keeping individuals healthy. Studies show that physical activities help to improve the brain area that is concerned with making choices or rather decision making. Many people do not realize the benefits of physical exercise before they experience its results (Trudeau, François, and Roy). Certainly, physical exercises foster several benefits among them being the improvement of academic results, personal wellness, mental stability as well as general happiness. Engaging students in physical exercises in a regular classroom setting contributes significantly to making them active and therefore actively participate in classwork. The subject warrant of the theoretical structure can be derivative when occupational research is reviewed. This framework construction enables the development of valid hypotheses that functionalize subjective warrant along with inviting the observation of researchers. Q3 What principles do you believe should guide the government regulation of dangerous practices? The government should apply the rule of an arrest warrant to the criminal. An arrest warrant should be issued by the judge to the authorized officer after being assured that an individual has committed an offense. The authorized officer should then take action according to the directives issued (Riccucci 378). On the other hand, it is necessary for the judge to give

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