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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: One The potential ethical issues that are likely to be dealt as a researcher include ensuring that I "do no harm" to the new members joining the group through the use of words that may hurt them. The other issue is to avoid the use of informed consent. I would not disclose to the members my intention of the research since that may make them behave differently contrary to what they normally do. And also I would try as much as possible make the members being researched on to remain realistic as possible. Two The advantages of the informed consent are to help the participant who is involved in the research to remain on track concerning the information that is being researched on. And also it gives the participant the overview of the importance of the research that is being conducted. On the contrary, the disadvantage of the informed consent is that it makes the participant pretend and therefore she/he may give some answers to the researcher to please the researcher but not true information. Three There is potential harm in the study. For instance, when some of the members realize that there is a research that is conducted by one of the group members, they might decide to withdraw from the group or decide to remain silent in the group and not contribute in the communication in any way since they will see it as a way of interfering with their privacy. Most of the participants may try as a much as possible not to give the real information concerning their details to maintain their privacy and to avoid the exposure to the public who are the members of the

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