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Name Professor Title Date Questions and Answers What are Rationalism and Empiricism? Rationalism is the principle or practice of bashing actions and opinions on knowledge and reason rather than on emotional response or religious belief. Thus, rationalism contradicts empiricism. Empiricism is the viewpoint that all understanding is centered on experience resulting from the sanities. Stirred by the upsurge of tentative science, it established in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, expanded in precise by George Berkeley, David Hume, and John Locke. Rationalists normally develop their opinion in two techniques. First, they claim that there’re instances where our knowledge and concepts content outstrips the data that sense familiarity can provide. Second, they develop accounts of exactly how reason in a certain form offers that extra information concerning the world. Empiricists present corresponding outlines of thought. Firstly, they develop interpretations of how know-how provides the data that rationalists refer to, insofar as we have it. Second, empiricists accuse the rationalists’ interpretations of in what way reason is a foundation of knowledge or concepts. Explain Direct Experience and False Memories Direct experience refers to the procedure of obtaining knowledge by directly and fully taking part in an action. Typically speaking, this produces further vivid and usable knowledge than studying something like book, video, or game which have indirect experiences. An example of direct experience is undergoing emotions with an actual life experience like an equity dealer who has suffered panic and stress of a serious market crash. Therefore, direct

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