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Question one Islamic religion enjoyed great political and religious strength in the past because of their leader Prophet Muhammad under the support of their Allah. The community was very organized and united under their leader as opposed to their enemies who fought on their basis without a central command base. The Quran reports that the Muslims were supported by all means with their God, as it is believed that God sent over 3000 angels to help them in the war. The third image of the army in the battle of Badr shows a clearly organized army under Prophet Muhammad with an Angel of Allah watching over them. The Islamic community also enjoyed religious strength because of the revelations that God sent to them through their prophet from time to time. Question two Islam was a single world with shared meaning implying that they were always united. Even after Muhammad had been forced out of Mecca, he found some 300 followers at Medina who were of his clan and remained loyal to him. They had strong belief that they were fighting for the divine intervention point of view as opposed to human ingenuity. The Islamic religion proves unique as seen from their treatment of those who had been captured during the war. The Prophet directed his people to treat the slaves as their brothers and to provide them with the basic needs assuming them as their brothers. The issue of conflicting communities is indicated from the time the Prophet was forced out of Mecca. He is further attacked by more than 1000 men at Badr in western Arab. The stiff violence that the Islamic people received from the surrounding communities prompted their Allah to protect them through the wars thus giving them victory

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