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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Introduction In June 23rd, 2016, the world experienced a unique occurrence, the voting in England to decide whether to remain or exit the EU. The outcome was even more shocking; Britain citizens voted for exiting the EU. This decision has bore various political impacts on the world. It challenges the Western establishments as well as alliances which were created following the 2nd World War and which have had the world power from their formation (Yardley et al. 4). Within these alliances, the UK has been a pillar and a beneficiary, for example, the UK has a vital position within the UN as well as a crucial function within the NATO that are global establishments created for the promotion of world peace and security (Yardley et al. 5). With the Brexit, the UK has caused a crack in these alliances and may weaken the EU’s position as the world’s politics. Brexit also weakens the agreements of the world alliances between states that were meant to maintain globe’s stability. In the essay, the writer asserts that the realism theory best explains the power implication of the Brexit. The writer shall discuss the elements of realism theory and why it is the best theory to explain power implication of the Brexit. Lastly, the author shall use the concept of balance of power, alliances and national interest to predict the likely outcome of Brexit. Realism Theory And Why It Best Explain the Power Implication of Brexit The realists argue that the world does not have a single power that controls the states to decide their conducts (Walt 110). Therefore, the correct actors in global issues are the states which cannot be ruled

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