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Health Care Errors Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Health Care Errors Medical errors are part and parcel of all medical profession and the best measures and practices put in place to minimize them is vital. Poor systems are often termed as the root causes of medical errors. Managers have the capability of effecting change on health workers in an attempt to reduce the errors. Active communication by a manager when responding to a reported error is a positive step towards the successful handling of an issue. By engaging the health worker and making the interaction personal, the chances of repetition of the mistake is minimum. The worker will also be motivated and build a rapport with the manager thus guaranteeing a stronger working relationship. The manager should provide room for both individual and group feedback when responding to a reported case and not just make final decisions. Workers should be able to explain or be remorseful about an error that occurred and give suggestions to help evade the same mistakes in future (Porter-O'Grady & Malloch, 2011). This gives them a platform to admit mistakes without fear, and thus others learn from these mistakes and reducing total errors in the long run. Exercising positive recognition strategies enables medical practitioners to feel safe while admitting mistakes. They also ready to accept the consequences and to adapt to the corrective actions and interventions implemented. The recovery process is promoted by training the employees to equip them with the required knowledge on current trends. Managers also gain skills to effect behavioral change on a grand scale. Setting goals and targets by practitioners

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