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Turners Diaries Authors Name Institution Affiliation The Turners Diaries Chapter XX The Turners diaries book provides a contemporary description of a coup against the government. Chapter 20 of the book presents explains the activities of the group that is fighting against the system. The group takes over the police and other arms of the government. According to the book, the police posts in Los Angeles have been taken over by the group. Even though the group claims that they are fighting the oppressive system of the government. Their actions also oppress the rest of the society. For example, the activities of the military lead to the demolition of several facilities including roads. Normal civilians are forced to walk to their homes after finding out that the cannot leave Los Angeles on cars. Furthermore, they couldn't buy gasoline as well because the electronic fuel pumps at the gas stations were not working (Macdonald, n.d.). Even though the fundamental aim of the organization is to act urgently against the government; their activities do not address their main objective. Instead, the organization alienates minority groups and targets people loyal to the government especially whites who refuse to act against the government. The chapter contains several highlights on the effects and mechanics of terrorism. The chapter explains how the real impact of attacks today doesn't lie in the total number of casualties but rather the psychological effects (J.M. Berger, 2016). The book explains how the activities of the organization leave several civilians in the streets desperate and hungry, breaking the windows of stores to steal some food to eat, search for clean

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