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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Submission Date Quality Recognition Form Quality recognition form aims at appreciating an employee for his or her good job. When you appreciate an employee, his performance increases. It also creates a little healthy competition among the employees (Bradley 1). Below is a quality recognition form that evaluates an employee’s work competence. Dear Helen, I recognize you, Helen, for the quality achievements of your projects and duties. The research you did on the impact of overtime to employees in our company was just amazing. The information you gave us was excellent and well thought. We have seen the success of your research since we started applying it here. Your coworkers said you were always there for them. You have also helped your coworkers do their project well. The level of happiness they have cannot be explained in words after the success of their projects. Various nominations said that they were so grateful because you gave them a hand to make them finish a part of their projects on time. Several coworkers noted that you were very lively when doing the project and that you encouraged them to develop a cheerful and a positive attitude to handle the research. Additionally, team members said that you were always well organized, efficient and hardworking. You achieved a lot during the day and they envied such ambition. Your leadership skills were also on point and that they saw something unique in you that made them follow your advice each time. You were their role model when they faced diverse challenges along the way. You showed them that they could conquer the challenges they faced. You have also

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