Quality of Health Care Revised

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Quality of Health Care Name Institution Affiliation Date Health Care Quality According to me, the statement means that the patients should receive adequate health care due to the high cost of the health care system. The statement applies to Occupational Therapy and health care in such a way that critical intervention is necessary to enable a person to execute the daily activities (Sandstrom, Lohman & Bramble, 2014). However, inadequate universal health care is a core challenge in the United States health care system. Patients should receive quality health care services to improve the quality of life. Inadequate health care services have adverse effects on the patients. The Occupational therapist should strive to ensure value-based care to enhance the quality of healthcare service. Licensure Requirement for OTR An Occupational Therapist in New York must meet various requirements. The Occupational Therapist must have good morals and have attained an age of 21 years to receive the license. The Occupational Therapist should have an entry-level degree in Occupational Therapy or a post-baccalaureate certification from an accredited body. However, the professional is required to take 36 credits at an interval of 3 years. The attributes help to keep the license active and up to date. Critically Appraised Topics I have ever used the critically appraised topics in healthcare practice. 10-week related work on the social skills improves the employability aspect of the patients who have schizophrenia. The three-month support on follow up enhances the ability to retain employment in comparison to the controls. It is therefore vital to have adequate social

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