Quality Management

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Quality Management Argument for Using the Principles of Quality Management The concept of quality management relates to measures and initiatives taken by organizations to ensure delivery of products and services that meet highest standards and expectations of those receiving them. Quality management is accepted as a critical aspect of strategic decisions in both the public and private sector (Antony, Leung, Knowles & Gosh, 2002). It enables organizations to satisfy the needs of their customers and in the process maintain their competitiveness in the industry. Underlying the notion of quality are the principles of quality management. These principles give guidelines for improving quality and performance in organizations. One of the principles of quality management is customer focus. This principle recognizes that businesses depend on their customers for existence, and thus should strive to understand customer needs and exceed their expectations (Paton, 2002). In this regard, organizations are expected to implement strategies for systematically managing customer relationships. This includes being able to communicate customer expectations throughout the organization, measuring customer satisfaction and ensuring that business objectives are linked to the expectations of customers. Using the principle of customer focus ensures a balanced approach between the need to satisfy customers and other stakeholders such as business owners, financiers, and employees. It also leads to improved customer loyalty as well as increased sales revenue and market share. Another important principle of quality management is leadership. This principle is concerned with the setting of strategic

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