Quality Management Plans in Hospice Care and General Hospitals

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Healthcare quality can be described regarding the benefits to patients with high-quality health care being care that best maintains as well as improves the patients’ health and satisfaction. Health care quality management entails the establishment of a quality policy, producing and effecting quality planning and assurance, as well as controlling and improving the quality. There are various similarities and differences in the quality management plans between hospice care centers and General Hospitals. To begin with, the quality management plans of both the healthcare organizations satisfy the eight necessary principles. Both the organizations have established a proper working environment for both the medical staff and the subordinate staff to ensure there are efficiency and motivation. These entails appropriate admission and discharge procedures. The running of the inpatient department has also been harmonized (NHPCO). The primary goals of the healthcare organizations are to provide the best medical attention to their clients, and this has been well enhanced. The major differences between the healthcare organizations are the modes of running the organizations. Whereas the Mission, Vision and the Scope of service of the hospice facilities are centered on reducing the pain and trying to prolong the patient’s life, the same tenets in the general hospitals are centered in treating the patients to fully recovery (Massachusetts General Hospital). In the contemporary society, perfection is always expected in every aspect of life. However, perfection is not guaranteed in real life situations. The perfectionist mentality is a common mindset in the organization. However, it is

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