Qualitative Research Method

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Qualitative Research Method Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Qualitative Research Method Critical Appraisal Abstract Buxton & Snethen (2013) who are both holders of Ph.D. holders and associate professors in the nursing sector made use of a well-articulated title indicating the purpose of the study and use of the phenomenological qualitative approach. The abstract was well explained even though it failed to include the major conclusion. The problem leading to the research was well presented with the integration of the significance, background and problem statement about women with obesity. Buxton & Snethen introduced the purpose of the study that stirred the whole study having all the literature review with excellent sources embedded, as well as the methodologies. The methods included interpretive phenomenology qualitative study that incorporates semi-structured interviews to gather essential information that was further analyzed legibly to produce dependable and precise findings. The conclusions presented were limited to the scope of the study. The inclusion of quotations enhanced clarity and reliability of the survey. However, the results would improve the responses towards the obese women from healthcare officers and the PCP as well as their continued concern for related clients. Step 1: Identification of Components for Qualitative Research Process Introduction Researcher qualifications: The study was carried out by two researchers, Barbara K, Buxton and Julia Snethen (Buxton & Snethen, 2013). Buxton is a Ph.D. holder certified nursing practitioner is serving as an associate professor in the Nursing Department at the University of

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