Purposing a counter argument for someone who is against the use of marijuana for medical, recreational or any use.

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Marijuana: Harmful Drug or Life Enhancer? Abstract Using five texts, the paper will examine the scope of marijuana, as life enhancer. The topic will, however, incorporate a requisite counterargument which will also showcase marijuana as a harmful drug. It is impossible to acquire feasible conclusions without examining both sides of this controversy. The paper will delve into physical and psychological effects of marijuana in an attempt to convince critics about the drug’s efficiency. Exploring its influence on most disorders and diseases enlightens individuals about them. They also learn about the different age groups that are often exposed to marijuana. Quite surprisingly, this paper also tackles the necessity of marijuana in children suffering from Dravet’s syndrome, a condition whose major symptom is seizures. There is countless castigation regarding the use of this drug in children and adults, as a whole. Most experts and physicians, as discussed in the paper, recommend individuals to use actual medicines. There is also an in-depth analysis apropos of marijuana’s influence on an individual’s brain performance. The paper will incorporate a counter-argument so as to assist the readers in understanding the relationship between pros and cons of marijuana. The in-depth exploration of marijuana role as either a harmful drug or life enhancer is clearly discussed in this paper. Finally, the paper will portray clearly an integration of the five authors and a slight summary about the main points addressed in their books. The conclusion, in delineating the drawbacks of this drug, will encourage

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