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Punctuality in the Fire Department Student’s name University Abstract Firefighters undertake critical roles in the society. Fire incidences in the USA have to lead to the loss of more than $10 billion worth of property annually while hundreds lose their lives. Fire departments put out fires using fire engines, inspect properties and cars to ensure all meet regulatory requirements, educate citizens on modes of safety, carry out practical drills in the society and enhance their response reactions through research. Past records indicate that punctual fighters were able to put out fires unlike when the responses were late. Riverscourts v Niagara-on-the-lake demonstrates why it is important for firefighters to be punctual. Researchers have confirmed that by being punctual, the fighters can breed teamwork, honesty, and respect. The qualities ensure the team undertakes their duties efficiently, ensuring that every individual’s talent assist in putting off the disaster. Firefighting requires participants to ensure high levels of punctuality to ensure the department succeeds in putting out fires with little or no loss. Fire disasters have destroyed thousands of properties and lives globally. Insurers are keen to insure individuals against the risk of fire destruction and their property. Fire losses have been decreasing gradually in the last decade, though the nation still records more than 2500 deaths caused by fire accidents. The Fire Administration has released data indicating that cooking for most of the fire outbreaks in the country though electrical faults and heating are also leading causes of fire outbreaks. Businesses have lost more than $100 billion in the

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