public transportation vs drive a car

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Public Transportation vs. Drive a Car. Name: Institution: Date: Public Transportation vs. Drive a Car. We cannot run away from the reality that we all need to use cars, buses or trains at some point to move from one point to another. Recently, there have been calls by some stakeholders for people to abandon the use of personal cars and instead use public means. However, such calls have resulted in minimal fruits considering that people decide to use public means or a private car due to many factors. Such factors include the cost involved, convenience, effects on the environment, duration on the roads and much more. Therefore, we need to delve into some of these factors to determine which option may be the best. According to Cakebread (2012), the cost comes at the top of the list. The researcher compares the cost of using rented or personal car to the cost of using public transportation in the city of Toronto. If one opts for the public transit, it will cost him or her approximately $120 per month under the monthly Metropass option. Under this option, a passenger gets unlimited access to the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) services for a whole month. This implies that under this option a passenger will spend a total of about $1440 in a year. For those who commute for longer distances, it is estimated to cost them $3300 a year. On the other hand, the researcher argues that it may cost up to $10,000 to use a private car. The cost includes depreciation cost that is based on the purchase price of the car. Insurance cost is also a must for car owners and is based on the car model and region where the insurance is taken. Cars also require registration, gasoline, and

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