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Public Sector Organizations Name: Tutor: Institution: Date: Question 1 It has become extremely important for organizations in the modern society to create a friendly working environment that encourages both diversity and fair treatment. One of the strategies that public sector organizations can use to create a working environment that fosters diversity is the creation of opportunities for employees of the entire organization to familiarize with other colleagues’ cultural practices. Morgan & Várdy (2009) believe that the provision of such opportunities provides employees with an insight that eliminates the stereotyping that is detrimental to a diverse workforce. Another strategy that public sector institutions can use to achieve diversity and fairness in the workplace is the provision of mentors to guide and act as representatives of employees who hail from minority groups. Green et al. (2011) indicate that mentors provide employees with a sense of belonging that enables them to gel with the rest of the workforce. The Lehman University in the Bronx, New York is one of the public sector organizations that encourages their employees to participate in different cultural events. Question 2 The typical organizational structure for public sector institutions is the vertical structure. This framework is characterized by numerous levels of authority whereby there are a few managers in the top levels of the hierarchy and numerous employees in the lower levels of the hierarchy of authority (Egeberg, 2007). This structure is appropriate for firms operating in the public sector because most of their functions are heavily standardized. On the other hand, the

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