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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date:Public International Law International Law The subject of international law, and in particular, the origins and definitions of the same, has always been a controversial issue. The predominate reason for this is the sovereignty which is enjoyed by nations all around the world. This, in turn, has resulted in the creation and adoption of laws which apply only to the nations with absolute political backing. Consequently, the public international law attempts to envision a framework for the governance of countries in instances involving altercations between the same. Since every nation has its set of rules which are at times congruent with or in contrast with those of other countries, it became increasingly evident that international law was necessary for the sustenance of peace around the world. In this regard, public international law embodies such international organizations as the United Nations or the International courts. Though such organizations do not have absolute powers over the countries within their jurisdiction, they are evidently useful in the mediation between conflicting nations. This has the considerable duration of time now, aided in the perpetuation of peace and the avoidance of war. Complexities of International law A significant shortcoming of international law is that at its foundation, it does not resemble the structure of national justice systems. National justice systems are characterized by such elements such as the courts, which are tasked with the enforcement of the rule of law, legislative elements, which are mandated with the conceptualization and creation of law, and the law

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