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Recruitment in the Public Sector Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction The uniqueness of jobs in the public sector has elicited the need for the recruitment process to focus on selective hiring to ensure the hiring of competent employees (Cania, 2014). Employees in the public sector need to possess the required knowledge and skills that would enable them to carry out their roles effectively as well keeping an eye on changes in the political scene. Therefore, it is imperative that the hiring process should focus on competencies to enable the employees to offer proper services properly to the public. The successful recruitment process starts with the planning and identification of the specific job requirements in reference to the requirements of the organization. The paper examines the general set of knowledge and skills that candidates in the public sector should possess. To that effect, the essay also develops a suitable recruitment process that would enable the public-sector organizations to recruit the best talent. At the onset of the recruitment process, the recruiting agency should understand that hiring employees is a two way process. In the process, the firm should identify means of attracting and searching for potential employees that have the required skills and knowledge. On the other hand, the potential employees should strive to attract employers by having the right skills and knowledge (Osoian & Zaharie, 2014). The successful recruitment of employees requires the consideration of the qualifications, expectations, and size of the applicants, as well as work motivation. In order to hire the right talent that is versatile to work in

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