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Effects of Stress Name Institution Effects of Stress Stress is associated with various illnesses and diseases. This is because it weakens the immune system of the body, therefore, making a person more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections (Dhabhar, 2014). More so, emotional stress may result in a condition known as a psychogenic somatic disease, which causes the mind to alter the physiology of the body thus causing it to break down. Some of the stress-related disorders include a headache, cardiovascular conditions, such as hypertension and heart failure, asthma and ulcers among others. Ideally, stress increases blood cholesterol and blood pressure, which then leads to conditions such stroke and hypertension. Stress also increases muscle tension and bracing, which are responsible for symptoms such headaches, shoulder pain, and even backaches. Additionally, stressors may affect college students negatively and may eventually lead to low academic achievement. Since college life may be at times challenging, students should find ways to cope with changes that occur. In college, an individual assumes a higher level of responsibility including managing ones’ finances, studying and learning about new things. Some of the stressors that students encounter in college include school work, striving to attain good grades, making new friends, handing the pressure of being sexually active, breakups and discrimination among others. Older college students encounter more stressors as most of them have to combine school, career, and even family duties. As such, they often doubt their ability to achieve good grades in school or even to interact with younger classmates.

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