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4. How to develop more effective Schools for Adolescents Creating smaller societies or rooms to reduce the impersonal kind of large middle schools Reduce student-to-counselor proportion from 100:1 to 10:1 ratio Engage parent and society to official in schools Curriculum needs to be centered on rigorous academic criteria Stimulate learners to attain higher standards and become all-time students 5. William Damon’s Findings of the Sense of Purpose Damon’s findings indicate that some key ideas cause young people and adolescents to begin their search for purpose. The first insight is the realization that there is an urge in the world that requires an action. This could be a deficit or a problem of some nature like a death of cancer. Another insight is the realization that the young individual and adolescents believe that they can make such attempts, and indeed would enjoy doing so if provided with an opportunity. 6. Difficulties experienced by Ethnic Minorities The ethnic minorities experience may difficulties in the workplace. The first difficulty is the unequal access to chances for development. The training and education programs offered in different workplaces are not accessible by the ethnic minorities. This, they cannot develop their skills to achieve maximum potential concerning the performance of various organizational tasks. Again, the ethnic minorities receive unclear information about the opportunities for training. Whenever the training opportunities arise in the workplace, the ethnic minorities do not obtain the clear information about the opportunities. Therefore, they are left misinformed about the programs. Similarly, these workers are subjected to

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