Psychology: Case Study

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Psychology: Case Study Living a healthy life is a common goal that majority of people desire to have in their lifetime. Elsie's case is a common example of what many professionals go through in their day-to-day activities in the workplace. Stress and other common barriers may exhibit in the victim's mental disturbances. This paper seeks to create an assessment data and present possible solutions to Elsie in the quest to re-establish and rehabilitate the victim. Typically, many tools can be used to establish the causative factors and the management processes in psychological contexts. The tools used include techniques to overcome barriers, listen actively, engaging subjects, assessment, intervention, and evaluation. Elsie's case portrays a clear example of a chronic stress among workers. She is an architect who has been in the industry for some time. However, her recent complaints show a discomfort in the workplace. From the analysis, a change in lifestyle is the most efficient technique to help her manage the situation. DAP contexts. Personal Data Name; Elsie, Age: 35 years, Occupation: Architect Subjective data Elsie is one of the many architects that presents an experience of self-destruction concerns. She feels exhausted and unable to do her daily duties in the workplace, a condition that makes her very depressed in her profession. One of most common feeling is that she is liable to crying almost all the time, with a feeling of being irritated in the industry. In addition, she cannot enjoy restful nights in her residence and thus stays awake in most of the nights. She is not happy with life in her endeavors Objective data She looks think and losing away as time

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