Psychology Article Review (Article by Cohen Et. al)

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Psychology Article Review (Article by Cohen Et. al). With the previous researches proving the association between the anxiety disorders and later behavioral and emotional abnormality with the adversities of the early-childhood such as neglect and abuse, the current study seeks to present evidence of the persistent and early alterations in amygdala function and anxious behavior following the early anxieties of incompetent parental care. The study seeks to answer two very important questions: first, what is the significance of the early-life experiences on a child's later development?; and secondly, what evidence is there to show the persistent and early alterations in the amygdala function and apprehensive behavior following the early-life anxiety of incompetent parenting? The significance of this research is based on its evidence-based approach in determining the effects of earl-life experiences of a child on his or her later development. Since previous researches have been more focused on the theoretical explanations of this relationship, it has been unclear as to what degree the experiences in the early-life affects a child’s later developmental growth. As such, this research is significant because its findings underline the degree to which these experiences affect the later development of the child and emphasize the why it is necessary to come up with early intervention for those at risk to deal with these early-life anxieties. This experiment was carried out on male mice. Female mice were not used because they posted similar results in all aspects. The mice were subjected to different conditions and their response and behavioral change monitored in each stage of

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