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Name Professor Title Date E-learning Courses In the wake swiftly changing world powered by technology e-learning has significantly transformed the landscape of learning as well as development. E-learning has provided learners with what they want, fast delivery has low cost it also has a lower environmental impact as compared to the traditional mode of the classroom (Concannon et al. 504). Despite the numerous benefits of e-learning, there are e-learning courses that are good and others that are not so great. An example of a good e-learning course is “Travel Safety E-learning” the site provides an enjoyable learning experience. The site has a high level of interaction embracing animation based training this provides the highest level of interaction and thus students are motivated as it includes different multimedia. Furthermore, the site delivers relevant and relatable information alongside putting the learners in control. The site also strategically uses gamification rich media as well as interactivity to establish learners’ engagement. The learning materials are well organized with a high level of clarity and coherence besides, the animated processes also have visual clarity and the design of the human user interface provide a high level of usability. Such qualities of the site make the information read to be understandable and applicable as it provides useful insights on travel safety. is an example of e-learning site that provides e-learning course that is not so great. First, the level of interactivity with the site is limited. It includes clickable content, however, the content uses just words no graphic materials’ and hence, it

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