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Name Instructor's Name Course Date Psychology Q1 Subliminal messages were a marketing technique that focused on the hopes, guilt, sexuality, and fears of consumers. Marketers designed messages to reach into the minds and hearts of consumers who subsequently bought products they had never comprehended they desired. Q2 In Western cultures, the concept of perfection defines the perception of beauty in the society. People usually rely on fashion magazines or Hollywood as a measure of beauty. For instance, while Western cultures celebrate thinness, African states such as Mauritania idolize overweight women. Q3 A significant number of people believe in the existence of ESP, which encompasses the direct knowledge of other people’s thoughts, isolated events, and the future. However, due to the lack of substantial proof, an explicit theory, and experimental techniques that can support its manifestation with consistent results, the scientific community keeps rejecting ESP. Q4 Structuralism psychologists utilized introspection to study the mind and its consciousness. They broke cognizance into a simpler form by focusing on the elements and structure of the mind. On the contrary, those behind the Gestalt school believed in psychology as the study of the mind as a whole. They were opposed to the concept of breaking the mind into parts and do not focus on the cognizance like their structuralism counterparts. Q5 The illusion is a process encompassing an interaction of empirical and logical reflections. It is an inconsistency between personal consciousness and some incentive. Essay Humans have restrictions upon their five senses, the tools that allow them

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