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Pseudocode Firstname Lastname Name of University Pseudocode Situation You are driving a car coming to an intersection that has a stop sign. You will make a right turn at the intersection. Pseudocode Main Module Declare Driver as Real Declare Steering as RealDeclare Accelerator as Real Declare BrakePedal as Real Declare Indicator as Real Declare CarState as Real Declare RoadState as Real Call DriveCar Module Call TurnCar Module End Main Module DriveCar Module If no Intersection Do Put car into Drive gear Do If roadState or mirrorStatus is clear Press the accelerator Else Press BrakePedal End If While CarState is not Stopped WHILE Driver wants to continue Else Check intersection sign If intersection sign is stop If roadState is not clear Press BrakePedal Else Continue to drive End If End If End If End DriveCar Module TurnCar Module If Driver wants to turn right Press right Indicator Else If Driver wants to turn left Press left indicator End If While Driver wants to turn If RoadState is clear While Turn is not completePress accelerator Move Steering in appropriate direction End WhileMove Steering back to straight direction Call DriveCar Module End Else Wait till RoadState is clear End WhileEnd TurnCar Module Inputs and Expected Outputs Input Expected Output Turn Indicator On Car’s indicator starts to flash Move Steering Car moves in appropriate direction Press Brake Car slows down Press Accelerator Car starts moving Logical Steps The Driver drives the car till intersection is reached. If the intersection has a stop sign and the road is busy as well, the driver will stop the car till the road

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